On Sunday we hit the high street for a spot of shopping. Lakeside in Pokhara is full of touristy little shops and we enjoyed pottering about and bartering (some with more success than others). We met quite a few characters, several of whom could probably sell ice to an Eskimo! Since one bout of shopping is never enough, Camilla and Abraham took us into Mehendrapol where local Nepalis would shop. We visited a couple of haberdasheries and kurta shops and after what felt like half the kurtas in the shop were shown to us, we made our purchases.

In the afternoon we spent a little time with Manusha, hearing a little about her life and work and her concern for girls education. It was nice to see more of the variety of ways FONiC and its Nepali partners are able to support Nepali Christians and their communities.

In the evening we went to Lily and Kapils fundraising dinner, which was buzzing with people. We enjoyed more great dal bhat and an assortment of other Nepali food. After a flat tyre on the way back, we decided we deserved a coffee, I mention this only because we were introduced to one of the nicest desserts of all time, the 'Machapuchare Kiss' (Google it if you don't believe me), which I'll definitely be attempting at home!

On Monday morning we caught the 7.30 bus back to Kathmandu. It was a pretty smooth journey but it was still around 4.30pm by the time we arrived back at Goshen guesthouse. We had a lovely dinner out and headed to bed early, ready for our last full day in Nepal...