After arriving in Pokhara we had a few hours R&R before spending the evening with Chunman and the street boys he is involved with. It was great to meet the boys and understand a bit more about the work he is doing. It was encouraging to see that much thought had been put into supporting children at different levels, from the daily food kitchens to the boys housed at the centre, to the halfway houses provided for older boys entering work. We also heard there was also support for the smaller number of girls who also find themselves on the street. We shared sweets and cake with them, enjoyed being sung to (quite rowdily in fact) and had a lovely Dal Bhat.


Need I ask what happens on a Saturday in Nepal? It's Church of course. This was a totally different experience to the previous week, it was a much smaller church that we attended in Pokhara. Here we met Kapil and Lily, a fantastic couple who have a great heart for serving God and for discipleship. Kapil was preaching and very kindly translated into English for us. He preached very clearly on Daniel chapter 1 highlighting that success is the fruit of trusting, honouring and obeying God. After church, we shared a cup of chia and got to know some people in the church a little. We left them as they started to prepare for their fundraising dinner event on Sunday evening.

In the afternoon we chatted with Abraham and Camilla about their ministry and went to see a project they had started to be involved in. This was a home for people who simply had nowhere else to go. Many of them were older and had a variety of physical and mental health problems. It was good to see that the government had made a start on tackling these kinds of problems but it was also tough to realise that there was a still such a long way to go in terms of facilities and programmes. We pray that Abraham and his sister (who is a social worker) will be able to reflect the love of Christ and the hope of the gospel to the people they encounter there.

Photo by Samrat Khadka on Unsplash